As with all professions there are some who are not as they claim to be. In the Private Investigations industry there is no real standard or benchmark to ensure you get a quality service. Most people who engage the services of a private investigator have never used one before and have no idea what level of service to expect. This makes trying to choose a ‘good’ private investigator very difficult.

Due to the confidential nature of most cases, people don’t discuss this with friends and even checking online reviews is not a good guide. Most clients don’t leave reviews as they don’t want anyone to know they have used this type of service or the reviews are from the people who the private investigator is hired to follow and are angry they have been found out. So therefore provide damning reviews.

Some private investigators charge huge prices for services yet lack the skills to get the client results or are just not results driven especially when the cash is already in the bank. Most ask for the money upfront, usually as most clients are in an emotional mindset and desperate for answers and not making informed decisions.

I find this a difficult profession in which to work. Being very results driven we at CIS try our utmost to get results for our clients. We ensure we provide good quality reports, photos, videos or OSINT often doing more than what we have charged for. We don’t like not getting our clients the information they require. It does happen occasionally as some things are out of our control but it isn’t through the want of trying very hard. Hearing others in the industry talking about their exorbitant fees and lack of effort failures I am concerned the private investigation industry will get a bad name.

Ask questions, phone around, compare services – if they seem like they’re trying to ‘sell’ you something and require a large deposit then proceed with caution. Don’t trust online reviews as many are ‘generated’ not legit. Educate yourself before committing – if money seems to be the private investigator’s main focus when you are talking to them – think twice!

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