Most people are apprehensive when it comes to thinking about hiring a private investigator especially when it comes to infidelity matters.  The number of infidelity cases are increasing largely due to the accessibility of social media and ‘hook up’ sites available now.  Often partners notice slight changes in behaviour, over protectiveness of mobile phones and laptops, changes in hours or appearance – subtle changes that raise suspicion.  Often you start questioning things in your head – I think my partner is cheating, but I’m not sure.  It could all be in my head, but I really feel something is going on.  What do I do?  How can I find out?  If you confront your partner they will often tell you it is all in your head!  This makes it worse and pretty soon you can’t sleep, your suspicious of everything they are doing and you really feel like you’re going crazy.

This I hear nearly on a daily basis and it’s a terrible situation to be in.  I can understand not knowing can drive someone mad.  You have conversations over and over in your head, questioning ever thing your partner does or says – but there is no real proof.  So what can you do?  Hire a private investigator!  But the thought of hiring a private investigator is often daunting – you feel nervous and you also feel deceitful in a sense about paying someone to watch the person you are having a relationship with.  When the lives of people are involved you need to handle the situation properly and patiently.  Hiring a private investigator is discreet, confidential and can get you the evidence you need to make decisions based on facts.

Our private investigators are experienced in handling cases such as yours.  We will support you through the process and conduct thorough, professional, discreet investigations to suit your budget.   Being in this situation can have a very draining effect so let our experienced, compassionate team of Perth’s leading female private investigators help you.  Gathering evidence of affairs is also beneficial when/if it comes to settlement as well.

If you would like to get the answers you need to move forward in your life then just get in touch!