Private Investigator Surveillance
SO what do private investigators do? It certainly is an interesting job – with no two cases the same. Investigating is so interesting – in fact it can be quite obsessive. You always want to ‘solve’ the case or get those vital pieces of information your client is needing. CIS is a leading Perth Private Investigation Agency providing expert services including surveillance.  Our operatives are the best in the business especially when it comes to surveillance which can be tricky and sometimes tedious with long hours watching and waiting.  But it is one of the best ways to get “evidence” whether it be a cheating partner, stealing from a work place, workers compensation fraud or even child access visits.

Private Investigators also specilise in finding people perhaps for outstanding debts or a long lost friend.  It is challenging as often there is little information to go on – but what a feeling when you do locate them! PI’s do everything from investigating insurance frauds, gathering evidence for family law/child custody cases, de-bugging offices and homes, going in undercover in various situations, and so much more!

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