Hiring A Private Investigator

Obviously every situation is different and giving a set price is not always possible.  Sometimes it can take many hours and days to get the evidence a client needs or weeks to find out the whereabouts of a particular person. People tend to think it’s an easy job like it’s portrayed in the movies.  Australia has the strictest privacy laws in the world and gathering information on an individual is often time consuming and tricky.  As Private Investigators we cannot ‘track’ mobile phones or ‘hack’ into people’s social media or email accounts as many people think.  We also can’t put ‘trackers’ on vehicles that aren’t owned by the client.  So surveillance or to follow or find someone takes a lot of skill, patience, research and sometimes a lot of luck.  Many clients believe we wear invisible cloaks and can get up close without being compromised but sadly this isn’t the case.  Private investigators need to maintain their cover at all times which sometimes means waiting for another more appropriate opportunity or the whole case is blown.  Gathering evidence or locating a person is a little like building a jig-saw puzzle – sometimes it’s piece by piece.  Patience is often the key!

We always try to get the best results for our clients in the most economical way.  Sometimes this may require two agents or more depending on the situation.  But basically the costs are as listed below:


One Agent: Approx $95p/hr- (plus $95 travel fee) This includes Km’s, photos/videos etc.

Two Agents:  Approx $180p/hr (plus $180 travel fee) includes all of the above.

Finding Someone:

A $500 deposit is required to initiate the investigation and is non-refundable if the person is not found. Sometimes people really don’t want to be found and despite our best efforts we cannot locate them.  Our success rate so far is about 90%.  If the person is located then the cost is a further $250.

De-Bugging:  If you think someone is listening to your conversations or watching you remotely then our Bug Sweeping service is the best.  We have the most technical, up-to-date equipment and will find anything that shouldn’t be there.

Prices range from $400 – $700.

We offer a range of other services as well – so if there is something you need to find out please let us know.

If you would like to know more about costs or discuss your particular situation, please just contact us for a more accurate quote.

Private Investigator